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The Digital Sector is a high growth area and increasingly significant in New Zealand's economy. For ICT roles alone, a requirement for 35,000 additional jobs has been forecast by 2017.

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An Interactive Designer deals with streamlining the interaction between users and computers. Companies' websites rely on effective interactive design to draw attention to their products or services.
Interactive design combines the skills and duties of web design and traditional graphic design. Typically an Interactive Designer will have a solid knowledge of HTML, CSS, Flash, and other common web technologies.
Also there will be expertise in products such as Adobe PhotoShop together with a background in creative design.
Usually working as part of a project team, as it develops an application or website, an interactive designer forms a design strategy based on the client's goals, sketches out the primary interfaces, creates prototypes, whilst staying informed on current trends to keep the application or website on the cutting edge of technology and design.