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Accelerating Aotearoa Incorporated

Accelerating Aotearoa Incorporated

Accelerating Aotearoa is an established and independent charity providing:

  • Focus on digital capability as the platform to the recovery of New Zealand's economy
  • Skills in establishing collaboration across regions, with both public & private sector stakeholders for broad good
  • Ability to demonstrate measurable successes over a 5 year period.

Our independent, collaborative and broad based approach to achieving outcomes across sectors and communities is unique and demonstrated by a range of initiatives co-ordinating the energies of Tertiaries, businesses, government and communities. Accelerating Aotearoa's projects focus on:

  • Attracting youth to tertiary courses with digital content
  • Providing youth with opportunities to make informed choices in tertiary education & ensure their study is relevant to future labour market needs
  • Connecting talent to the job market and supporting the pathway between tertiary study and work