Auckland Pacific Careers


Saturday,September 25th, 2010

Get the knowledge and skills you need for work in fast paced & high growth industry sectors:

  • Exposure & discovery of growth industry careers: The jobs, pathways, role modelling and mentoring
  • Achievement of success in tertiary education & employment: Choices, the journey, completion
  • Admission to lifelong skills & training: From childhood to work & entrepreneurship
  • Access to highly paid careers - Improved economic & social outcomes

APC works with government's social & economic policy drivers of opportunities for youth & unrelenting focus on work.

Who attended?

Secondary & Tertiary students, their schools, families, Church & community leaders

Who was also there?

Tertiaries, businesses, service organisations & World Hip Hop Champions "REQUEST"!!

Where was it held?

Clover Park Middle School, 51 Othello Drive, Otara
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